Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I Don't Know If This Makes Sense, But You're My Hallelujah.

it's funny how much can change in six months time.

i look back at how my life was, and i had no idea how much things would become so different.
i used to laugh at whitney, because she really liked gabe. i thought he was cute and nice, but didn't know him very well. he was still dating his girlfriend at the time. whitney and i would joke about things, because i liked the banker and she liked gabe and i would sing "boys with girlfriends" to her. soon after, gabe and his girlfriend broke up, and cyler was gone in africa and i was very sad and here was this boy that i'd worked with but never really gotten a chance to know, and i had no idea how good of taste he had in movies or how weird he was. so the weekend of general conference jenn and i decided to watch almost famous with him,
and the rest is [sort of] history.
he's one of my closest friends. someone who never fails to make me laugh. someone who likes every weird movie that i do and has just as random as music taste as me. someone who shares my ideas and has big dreams and hopes for the future as well.

if someone had told me at the beginning of march that in six months time this gentleman would be one of the most important people in my life, i probably would've laughed.
everything happens for a reason;
and i can't deny the happiness and change that this person has brought into my life.
(i was listening to "boys with girlfriends" with jenn tonight, and i was reminded of this. thus why i wrote out this post. random and peculiar, but whatever. it's my life.)

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