Thursday, September 13, 2012

i've been in a weird mood all day.
maybe it stems from inadequate sleep, due to the smoke detectors in my house going off every two minutes this morning from 3 to 6,
i'm guessing that's it.
but i had a very nice lunch with yennifer at kneader's. :)
their pumpkin cheesecake is so dreamy. mmmm.
then around 3, i headed down to provo to take the ACT.
i finally took it.
it was administered by the same guy who administered the GED when i took it last year, and rob is just freaking cool guy, okay?
i could tell i've been out of school for way long though,
because i seriously sucked it up in the math and science sections.
i honestly guessed more than half of the answers; i'm a winner, obviously. haha.
but overall i got a 22, which isn't that great but it isn't too awful?
they show you how you did in each category, and i got 16 in math, 18 in science, 23 in english and a 32 in reading, and so that all measured out to 22.
now what to do next?
i guess we'll see. probably register for school and figure out loans and all that wonderful stuff.
but, yeah.
this post has no point except to inform all my avid readers, (who is no one), that i finally took the ACT.

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  1. I count as an avid reader. Thanks for the lovely time at lunch and for listening to weird music with me. :)


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