Wednesday, November 9, 2011

March 23, 2012.

That Is The Day That My Best Friend, Cyler Jacob, Enters The Ghana MTC. :)
he will serve twenty-four months as a missionary for the church of jesus christ of latter day saints in the ghana-accra, africa mission.

In All Honesty?
i could not be more ecstatic for him.

(and believe it or not, i was the only one who guessed africa. and i was totally right.)

Oh, And In Case You Were Wondering, It's English Speaking. :)
(whenever he opened it, and after he read that it was english speaking, everyone freaked out and her cheered loudly.)
it was just a wonderful night.
full of great people.
and sparkling cider.

I'll Probably Always Be Grateful For Sherry, Because She Stayed At Work Until Ten For Me, Just So I Could Spend A Few Hours With My Best Friends.
(you'll never read this, but, thank you, sincerely.)

and i will never forget the feelings i got tonight, when he opened it and told us where he was going.
and whenever yvonne hugged me and thanked me for being friends with cyler all these years, and for being a good example to him. (haha.)
and whenever i read the whole paper that told him where he was going; i can't express how beautiful those words are and it made me incredibly emotional and i cried a few times, but whatever. i was entitled to it.
or when we i was going back to work and we were walking inside and cy and i wrapped our arms around each other and just walked and talked about the fact that there's someone in ghana who's waiting for him.

Today Will Just Always Be In My Memory.
and i'm grateful for that.


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  2. Lies. I guessed Africa, specifically Ghana, over a month ago. Just sayin... you stole my guess. ;)

  3. 2 of my best friends are going to ghana on their missions! they will all be in the MTC at the same time. crazy small world.


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