Wednesday, November 9, 2011

i've put on and taken off makeup twice today.
the first time,
"i'll wear makeup. i want to look pretty. today is important. and i'm getting used to wearing it."
two minutes later,
"it's just going to look like crap anyways, there's no use in wearing it."
the second time,
"well, regardless of it looking like crap and i looking like crap, i want to wear it because i'll feel prettier. it makes me feel more put together."
four minutes later,
"i'm just going to be crying later and smudging and smearing it, so, what is the point? there is no point. i'd rather be smudge-free than have raccoon eyes."

So I'm Opting For No Makeup.
because i know i'm going to be crying later whenever cyler opens his call, so there's little use.

All Is Well, All Is Well. :)


leave here your rhymes and reasons, ladies and gents.