Tuesday, November 15, 2011

From Missions To Muppets To Games Of Hunger To Lustings To Frienships To Hide And Seek To New Bishoprics.

it's after three in the morning. i have to wake up in less than four hours and get blood work done at the doctor's. but i'm wide awake; it's morning. cyler and i got off the phone a half an hour ago. we talked for like, fourty minutes. about everything. and i feel a little better. i've been feeling bitter and jealous as of late, but hopefully those feelings will fade. i have faith. and i'm excited for the holiday season. my birthday is in ten days. i have ten more days to live out my teenage years, because ten days from now i'll be entering my 20's. so disgusting. i'll never grow up. but that's neither here nor there. i've figured out part of my friend's christmas gifts, so i just have to figure out the rest of their gifts and gifts for all my siblings and my parents. and jennfifer and i need to start collecting things for courtney's christmas package. (reindeer ears for her and her companera included.) and hopefully this christmas season we spend time with lexi and travis. cause i miss lexi's face and travis' accents and hugs. all i want for christmas is john krasinski. too much to ask? make me a cardboard cut-out of him and you'll be my best friend for life. i swear it. i'm trying to grow up. be a better person. i got a new bishopric on sunday. i'll miss mine. bishop tweede was amazing; is amazing. as is pendleton and proctor. but my new bishop seems interesting and rather great. so we'll see how this adjustment goes. i'm still in lust with the banker. sigh. when will i never be? things are better. i keep my thoughts to myself about him most of the time, and i attempt to make things not weird whenever i visit the bank or say hello to any of them, or him. but i catch him stealing glances at me rather frequently, and i don't know what to make of that, so i won't make anything out of it. good good. the missionaries are eating at my house on thursday. i'm holding out hope for the handsome elder winters or whatever. i've seen him in my singles ward the last two sundays. boy, does he look handsome in a suit. last friday night, cyler, alex and i played hide and go seek with all the lights off in cy's house. mildy creepy, but i only had to find them a total of twice. i'm a really exceptional hider, i s'pose. cy and i hid in the 'burban too. that was too great. angels and airwaves' new CD is wondrous. go give it a listening to. i'm so excited for the muppets movie. you have no idea. the muppets have been my favorite since before i can recall. i shall see it next week. no doubt, my friends. i helped alex create a blog on sunday. maybe he'll use it, but probably he won't. either way, we still need to properly sign him up for eharmony, because our previous and first attempt was all in vain, because you can't be a member if you're "seperated"; isn't that ridiculous? i certainly thought so. anyways. this is me dropping a line. cy's ghana go serve a mission and enters the ghana mtc march 23, which is the exact date that the hunger games comes out. coincidence? i think not. the lord knows i'll need such a distraction. i am ecstatic, nonetheless. well, i'm going to go finish watching the love of my life in something borrowed and try and catch some z's, two and one half to be exact, before i have to wake up. goodnight, and good luck.


  1. I'm going to see The Muppets on Thanksgiving Day even if it's just me and Xander. :) So excited!!


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