Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Good, The Sad, And The Whatever.

the good;
I Got Promoted. :)
wendy said that when people ask what my promotion is, i'm to tell them that i got promoted to work in the service booth.
but first, i'm getting trained as a checker next monday and tuesday.
and then i don't know when i'm getting trained in the booth.

This Was Kind Of An Answer To My Prayers,
because i recently decided that i couldn't stand my job anymore. it's so mundane, and mediocre. and being a bagger at almost twenty is mildly embarrassing, but whatever. it's an income.
So This Came Along, And I'm So Grateful For It.
hopefully i manage.

the sad;
sister courtney thomas entered the MTC.
i was surprisingly more emotional than i thought i would be.
i couldn't stop crying yesterday.
i just kept thinking about how she isn't around to randomly tell things to or come with us to watch movies or get breakfast food.
i'm also very happy about this, because i know she'll be amazing!
but, it will be a change that isn't easy.
jenn and i will make it through, right?
(and lextapuss.)

the whatever;
the banker was in my dream last night with his wife.
i dreamt she was nice, but boring.
it was kind of a funny experience, all in all.

yesterday jenn, cy, and i watched the best two years and ate lots of unhealthy food.
(aka, cinnamon raisin bread with nutella and butter spread on them. so freaking good.)
we've been sticking together to help us get through everything.
and i think we're doing a good job, granted, it's day two. but whatevs.

josh groban plays walter bernard, andy's brother, on the office tonight.
how more perfect can that show get?
oh wait, it can't.

cy and i took khlo-bear with us to smith's today to buy stuff for finnish pancakes.
ps. they were freaking good.
but i'm tired due to lack of sleep. oh well, when am i not tired?

and i'm sick.
i have such a head cold, it's not fun at all.
i've been stuck with this miserable headache all day, and i loathe it.
hopefully my health improves before it gets worse.
i'll try for that.

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