Wednesday, October 12, 2011

And She Dreams, Of Chicago.

there are many things in life that are indefinite, that are constantly changing, that you can't necessarily count on.
one of the most definite, if one of the only definite things, is time.
it can creep up on us without warning.
you can't change how many seconds are in a minute, how many minutes are in an hour, how many hours are in a day, how many days are in a week, how many weeks are in a month, how many months are in a year.
so on and so forth.
we can't change how old we are; it's something that absolutely cannot be altered.
(except for our image, but that is a different topic entirely.)
we can't take back things we've said, thoughts we've thought, adventures we've boldly gone on, and we definitely can't go back and change what we've done.
we can only look forward; take steps beyond the past.
we must be the pioneers of our time.
try new things; go out of our comfort zones.

Things Are Changing,
as we all are.
we can't stop time and hold on to a certain moment.
we can take still-frames and videos in our minds, and hold them in our memories until we no longer can remember them because there are so many other things stacked on top of them in our brains.

i'd be lying if i said i wasn't scared, or apprehensive about the future -- because i am.
i don't want to grow up. i'm not a huge fan of changes. and it can be difficult for me to move on and let go.

But, That's Life, And We All Have To Do Things We Don't Want To.

courtney thomas; i look up to you more than you realize. and am so lucky to have known you since the summer before sophomore year. i knew you were cool the first time you played your ipod in whitney's car on the way to school. i'm very grateful i got to become better friends with you this year. because you are definitely one of my best friends, and knowing that you're leaving for a year and a half, tomorrow, hurts more than i thought it would. but i won't get too emotional, because you're not a big fan of that. haha. :) i know you'll be amazing. without a doubt. you'll touch so many lives. more than you can ever realize. and your example has really re-instilled my desire to go.
so, next fall, i plan to put my papers in and truly devote myself to being a missionary.
thank you for all that you do, for all that you've done, and all of the memories. i can't wait till you get back and we all go on more wild shenanigans. :)
ps. don't worry, i'll keep working on my accents so that they're even better by the time you get back.
pps. STOP IT, 'ARRY!

So, This Isn't A Goodbye,
It's Merely A C'Ya Later. :)
and i'll get to really say my c'ya tomorrow morning. so, whatever.

i think i'm also extra sad tonight because cyler told us today that he put in his papers.
i've known the man for almost five whole years, and a mission was something that was inevitable, and something he has always been excited about. i have always pictured cyler as a missionary, because he just naturally is one. and cy, now that you've actually put in your papers, and will get them within the next three weeks, it's making me rather sad and happy all at once.
i'm so freaking excited to see you fulfill your amazing potential, but i also know that it's going to hurt like a b*tch to see you go.
but we'll cross that bridge eventually. right now i'm just freaking ecstatic for you, because i know it's a big decision.

Somehow, Jennifer And I Will Get Through Everything, Hopefully, With Our Sanity Intact.
i love my friends.
more than you know.

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