Saturday, September 10, 2011

Trumpets Of Your Soul

i'm sorry that my blog posts have been lacking, as of late.
maybe i haven't had enough to say, perhaps there's been too much.
i haven't even written in my journal in weeks.
so i should probably catch up with that.
it was a rather lengthy week.
i worked practically every day.
and i worked out two nights, with cy, t-bell and deena.
which has been really nice, asides from being sore the next day, or day after.

the UVU community class i wanted to take starts on wednesday.
i have the money to pay for the class, but i had to pay my phone bill, so i don't have enough to play for the class and decorating kit.
dream shattered, essentially.
i have to take that class; because i want the cake i make for ashley's wedding to look better than darla's.
perhaps i'll have to get a loan from my parents; so we'll see.

i'm still deeply in lust with the banker.
so, that sounds weird, i'll just be straight up,
i really and sincerely like him.
talking to him makes my day that much better, he asked my opinion on "one day" today, he said that i was a movie buff. ha. :)
it saddens me that i'm not even twenty yet, and that he's married.
i know this is truly weird and creepy, but i don't know what it is.
it must be a combination of his good looks, charm, attractive suit-shirt-and tie combos, and sense of humor.
i must sigh over these feelings, because they'll amount to absolutely nothing.
so, let's just move on. :)

i started special needs mutual again on thursday.
it's year number four -- that is quite insane, actually.
that i've been going to such a long time.
but, y'know, it's the norm for me, basically.
i'm happy to be back with perrie and judy's class. :)

I Don't Know What Else I Planned On Saying.
i'm kind of tired because i haven't gotten a proper nights sleep all week.

this is more of a blah post more than anything.

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