Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ten Plus Nine.


19 Things.

- 1. how well you air guitar the live version of "hotel california".
- 2. the weekends we'd spend "at ashley's", when really we were driving random places.
- 3. playing basketball for hours.
- 4. you helping me climb up the ladder to get on the roof of the charter school.
- 5. shinpin and brandis, our bikes. mae & mae 2 and january, your zune, your ipod and my ipod.
- 6. you creepily counting "one one thousand, two one thousand...." as you chased me down the alley after we watched hide and seek.
- 7. catman believes in justice. do you believe?
- 8. our summoning circle. i'm sorry i left you with diaton.
- 9. oh, y'know, you accidentally peeing on my head at special needs mutual.
- 10. tom hanks high fives.
- 11. how much you love tatum. (considering you used to not.)
- 12. when you text me stories. whether they're funny, deep, or anything.
- 13. you never read the books i tell you that you should.
- 14. the age you were when we first met.
- 15. the enterprise also known as kira, your truck.
- 16. when you tuck your lip in and smile creepily.
- 17. hot and readdd-ayyyy! ooooh.
- 18. letting me dip you at dances.
- 19. how much you make me laugh. all the time.

Happy Nineteenth Birthday, Cyler Jacob.
the rest of your life is just beginning.

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