Sunday, August 28, 2011

Never Mind, I'll Find Someone Like You.

there's something about sunday nights that make them one of my favorite things.
they almost make me miss going to school.
(which i mildly do, so i hope to go in january. we shall see, we shall see.)
i like staying up late on sundays.
(okay, are there any nights that i go to bed before 12:30? nope.)
the best sundays are those in which it's pouring outside and lightning is flashing all around.
i love the rain. is that cliche? i feel as if my frequent use of the word cliche lately, makes it cliche. but, no matter.
i like to cuddle up with a book, and just sit on my porch and listen to the rain.
you know what i also love?
the smell of wood when its wet. it just gives off this wonderful, pure, earthy smell.
forests in the rain, are the best.
(a forest during a thunderstorm, though -- one should veer from that.)
i had a pleasant half hour sitting out on my porch during the thunderstorm with cyler.
we talked about a lot.
and it was rather delightful.
i enjoy talks with people on my porch.
more frequently it's jennifer, and i hope we'll do that in the fall more.

it's just been a nice sunday evening.
even a nice sunday.
i had to wake up around eight to have family prayer and bid adieu to my grandmother and my father.
but then i got to go sleep in my bed and slept 'till one.
and i spent my day purging my room, and organizing things.
i've attempted to be productive this weekend. i like to think i've succeeded a bit. :)

i hope everyone has a good night, and good morning.
It's A New Week.
full of possiblities.
and cy turns nineteen on wednesday, so that'll be fantastic. :)

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  1. oh we definitely will. i would've today if i hadn't worked.


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