Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I've Been Changing, You've Been Waiting On Me.

I Can't Manage To Keep Up.
with thoughts,
with life,
with everything.

i've worked the past two days, for long hours. i have a large lack of energy.
school started today; it's been two years since i stepped into the halls of westlake high for the first time, for my senior year.
it's weird, really.
how quickly time passes.
our group disingrated, that year.
(well, the group of jenn, ashley, kiernan, karissa, lacey and i.)
ashley, karissa, jenn and i on our first day of sen10r year. we went to mcdonald's.

i hate that we grow up. i hate that things change, as do people.
i don't talk to a lot of people i was friends with in highschool.
aside from here and there, and on facebook or whatnot.
and i don't really talk to the little ninth graders that would come to me for advice, or ask for a ride when i had a car one week, or would just talk to me.
now they're juniors, and i'm just a distant memory.
(asides from ari. we spent a day at education week together, last week.)

this time of year makes me nostalgic.
of years past.
the fact that i'll never attend high school again. that i can't do it over, and change the ultimate outcome.
sometimes i really wished time machines existed.
but we learn from the past. from mistakes. from our choices.

I Feel Fall In My Fingertips.
i'm excited for its potential.
cyler will leave this fall, or the beginning of winter.
courtney franco leaves in a month. :(
i turn twenty in november, and will no longer be a teenager.
ashley gets married in february.

It's Just Going To Be.... Interesting, To Say The Least.
i'll try and keep up.
and i'll catch up with things i've learned and felt lately.


  1. I'm creepy but i think you should do a page about you!!!

  2. You may not be able to do high school but you could try college. It's MUCH better anyway. :)


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