Sunday, September 11, 2011

I Remember.

"Dear Photograph,
I was astounded, but I hadn’t had time to consider what I was seeing."
- Mark Yokoyama.

it's incredible that even after ten whole years have gone by, watching footage of 9/11 still gives me chills.
most people know exactly where they were, and exactly what they were doing when they heard about the planes crashing into the buildings.
i was in fourth grade. my teacher's name was mr. guiry. i lived in coral springs, florida. my family and i were packing up our house to move, on a whim, to utah. a place from stories that i'd heard my whole life in church.
i was sitting in the classroom, talking to my best friend reggie, when the superintendent came on the school TV's.
he told us what had happened.
i couldn't really fathom it, because i didn't understand.
i'd never even heard of the world trade centers before -- so i was confused as to what had been hit.
people got really emotional, a lot of kids got checked out of school. including one of my friends who was from the middle east. i can still see his mother coming to get him.
my dad picked me up from school, and we got all the other kids from their schools too.
i remember being in my house, coverage of it being on, boxes stacked in the living room.
even then, i didn't exactly get it. i wasn't particularly sad; i was only almost ten; what did i know?
we moved about three days later, on our quest to deseret.

And So, 9/11 Represents Change In My Life.
new beginnings. fresh starts.
it's been ten years since that horrible event occurred; and it's almost been ten whole years that i've lived in utah.

This Place Is My Home.
i've grown to love it so much.
i'll always miss west virginia, and even the six months in florida,
at least for now,
utah is where i belong.

I'm Ten Years Older. Wiser And More Stupid All At Once. I Have Friends Who I Feel Like I'll Be Friends With Forever; That Permanent Kind. I'm Lucky Enough To Live In The Same County As All My Siblings, Except One. I Have Beautiful Nephews And Nieces -- Here And In Heaven.

i am happy.
i am content.

I'm Grateful For My Country. For The People Who've Given Up Everything To Make It So I Am Free. Free To Choose. Free To Live And Lead A Happy Life.
I'm Sad For The Families Of Those Who Lost Their Loved Ones.
Truly. I Can't Imagine Their Pain. Even Ten Years Later. Time Won't Soothe Their Pain.

we all must love each other, and be grateful we have the people that we do.
I Try.


leave here your rhymes and reasons, ladies and gents.