Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Isn't Elegance Forgetting What One Is Wearing?

Things I Forget;

that cyler made "our song", vindicated.
that i used to listen to jenn's music myspace when i wasn't doing anything on a saturday night.
i was once best friends with tami.
how much cold sores hurt.
that i shouldn't wear large earrings to work.
how good i feel after i work out hard.
sometimes it's really nice to have a calm evening at home.
that keefin is on a mission and i need to write him. i miss him and his cute self. yes, i'll admit he's actually really attractive and funny.
when i go a week without shaving my legs, i forget how nice and smooth they feel when i shave them again.
how much i despise my room when it's dirty.
how good toblerones are.
fall, and just how splendid it is.
how much music means to me. sometimes i take it for granted.
the accomplished feeling that painting a wall gives me.
cute baby laughs.

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