Tuesday, August 2, 2011


i took the GED today.
won't know how i did until thursday night,
and won't know my essay scores for a week or two.
i had to write an essay on a new invention.
i decided on either the xbox kinect or the snuggie.
as much as i wanted to write about the snuggie, i feel they would've thought i was stealing from the commercials.
so i went with the kinect.
kind of BS'ed my way through that one, considering i've only played the kinect at my sister's house a handful of times.
but, you've gotta do what you've gotta do.
i finished all the tests in four hours.
was mildly attracted to rob, our instructor.
(dark hair. vans. prescription ray bans. wedding ring. ha.)
and i'm pretty sure i'll have to re-take the math, due to my math illiteracy.

I Just Hope I Passed Everything Else.
big step, i suppose.

but the last two days have pretty much been crap.
and i went to bed at four last night because i was mildly upset.
whatevs. that's life.


  1. HOORAY! CJ will be so proud of you... just like me. :)

  2. I'm sorry you're upset but I'm so proud you took the GED. Love your face!

  3. good luck. i know you did great.

  4. I first thought this was going to be a post about Jed Goodell, and I was thinking "awkward". So glad it is not and so very stinking proud of you!


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