Saturday, July 30, 2011

Crazy, Stupid, Love.

I Would Highly Recommend Seeing This Film.
it is honestly now one of my favorite films.

The Look Of It.
The Actors.
The Plot.
The Chemistry.
it was kismet for me.

And This Piece Of Glorious Sunshine?
i will marry him. sincerely. his wardrobe in the film were clothes that made me feel choked up, they were so beautiful.
(it's like clothes porn.)
and his body. mmmmmmmm.

Just Do Yourself A Favor Within The Next Few Days, Or Weeks.
see crazy, stupid, love.
I Believe In Love. I Believe In Soul Mates.
and i might have pee'd myself a little during one part. ha. no joke. i was laughing so hard.

also, the people i went with were wonderful.
jennifer, erika, courtney and ashley.
stop it 'arry!

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