Wednesday, July 27, 2011

You, I, We, Me, Us, Them.

moments of;

realization that i'd still be nowhere (not that i'm much of anywhere, but still) if not for heather. seriously. you're basically my saving grace. i wouldn't have my license, and i wouldn't really have a goal or two were it not for you. so, thank you. sincerely.
jenn's nephew devin saying, "amelia. i love you."
hailey, jenn and i wearing frilly aprons into smith's late at night.
telling sarah she should just tattoo her uterus.
khlo getting wide eyed for no particular reason.
back to the future two, featuring people dressed as lady gaga.
lunches with a sibling or two.
baking cupcakes with dear friends.
cyler's first of many poops in montana.
will telling a story in spanish, jenn translating. veronica yelling at junior in spanish, me laughing about it, jenn translating again. (i love her family.)
bagging our groceries at harmon's. even away from smith's, i bag. (harmon's is such an idyllic store. i could live there.)
swainky sue! i miss you!
watching harry potter movies by my lonesome.
making fun of the dragon lady, all the days of our lives.
wishing cyler off with a hug, and triple high fives.
clifton saying hello to me on sunday. (even if he's engaged, i can still pine. oh yeah. i never addressed the fact that the guy i've had a "crush" on in my singles ward for over a year is now engaged. my life is tragic. granted, he's nearly 24, so it's good for him.)
i'll one day own my own erotic bakery. shake & bake on 69th. (but it won't be on 69th.)
being poor, poor, poor.

and many more things have made up my week.

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  1. and Emily, making you come over once-upon-time bringing you to her house, making you hair things, while we made ourselves sick eating junk food purchased at 7-11 at 12pm!


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