Monday, July 11, 2011

Gravity, Wants To Bring Me Down.

I Had A Fantastic Day.
my brother came home from afghanistan, awesome mustache and all.
we had a massive family get-together at olive garden. (i know, i know, it's the sabbath. but he's been gone a year, basically.)
and from nine o'clock on, i hung out with cy at work, while he checked.
then we just talked about millions of things for the past two hours.
life, love, the future, plans, the past, regrets, tales never told.

Honestly. I Love That Man Almost More Than Anyone.
he can make me laugh insanely hard, and doesn't judge me, even though i can be a truly terrible person. and make so many mistakes.
and i do the same for him.

it was a good day. very much needed. i dunno, it was just a nice day. :)

ps. jennifer, i feel like we hardly talked today. how un-rufus is that?! tomorrow you better call me! or i'll call you on my break or something.... swell.
jake & his 'stache.
jake & mandagins.


  1. i can only take credit for two of them, sadly.
    but thank you. :)


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