Monday, July 11, 2011

Cause You're Paper Thin.

Frankly, I'm Not Sure What To Say.
some days are like this.
when i have a thousand and three thoughts floating around my mind, but i don't know how to place them.

people can be fairly predictable.
although, they can surprise you, often or not.

i know for a fact that my mother always watches an episode or few of criminal minds each night.
i can always hear it.
i knew that you making this decision would ultimately depend on whether you can deal with leaving her for two years or not.
i honestly don't know what you'll choose. but i hope whatever answer you get, it's right for you. and not for anyone else.
i knew that i wouldn't hang out with many people while jenn was gone.
she initiates things with others. makes plans, and finds something for us to do, with whomever. and we're sidekicks, so i'm lacking my partner in crime. it makes it difficult to properly do anything with anyone outside of my three best friends.
i know that i'll cry whilst watching the deathly hallows part two.
i'll feel like something is missing in my life, after i seeing it. because it is the last one. no more. never again. it makes me feel old.

Honestly? I'm Not Even Sure How To Stop This Train Of Thoughts.
i will admit, it came to a screeching halt.
without fair warning.

this post doesn't exactly regard anything of much importance.
just small thoughts that have been floating around today.
i'll spare you from all that's running through my mind; we'd be here a lengthy amount of time if i did that.

Tomorrow Is A New Day.
asides from working for four hours, i have nothing planned.
then again, that's how every day has been the past week or so.

so, who knows what adventures i shall behold.


  1. It was wonderful to see you yesterday. :)

  2. I love this C:
    People are fascinating. I like to think that they're predictable, but then they go and throw caution to the wind when I least expect it.


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