Saturday, July 9, 2011

It Was A Waterfall.

sometimes i can feel my heart constrict a little in my chest.

like when we haven't spoken in days, and i tell you that i've missed you. and you blatantly disregard it, as if nothing was said at all.

basically, it pains me. more than it should, i know.

But, I'm A Woman. I Have Feelings. I Exist Whether You Acknowledge Me Some Days Or Not. I Can Be Hormonal, Jealous, Angsty. I'm Not Always Full Of Kind Thoughts And Self-Less Intentions. I'm Ocassionally Bitter And Crass.
i'm entitled to my thoughts and feelings. negative or positive.
and for the past few days, i've just been a jumble of unpleasant feelings.

Today Wasn't All Bad,
work wasn't totally wretched. riley's going to help me convince gabe that i suffer from narcolepsy.
lindsey, alex and i attended lalo's birthday party, which was so very lovely.
photobooth, stencils for shirts, sugar crystalized rose petals and all.
my shirt features a unicorn with a lightbulb affixed above it's head.
I Enjoy It.
also, because alex was practically an hour late for curfew, laura gave him a polaroid of the two of them to prove to his parents what he was doing.
Oh, She's Enjoyable.
as is lindsers and alejandro.

jenn. enjoy what time you spend in NYC, please?


  1. basically i get what your saying.
    'tis the worst.
    but, you are lovely.
    and i like you.


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