Sunday, May 29, 2011

what's my name, what's my station? oh, just tell me what i should do.

mediocre thoughts, on mostly mediocre days.

I Shouldn't Look At Life As Mediocre.
the only reason it's like that is because i make it so.
i don't put myself out there.
i don't put myself on the line.

i definitely need to expel more effort.
Because I Feel Like I'm Going Nowhere.

it's always the same routine; and i'm not one who appreciates change all that much, but some inconsistency might be nice, right?
but only for certain things, i suppose.

Things Are Good.
i honestly cannot complain.

My Only Honest To Heavens Complaint?

last night,
cyler and i spoke of his graduation.
(he's officially graduating. i couldn't be more ecstatic for him and for thursday! i've known him since he was a little eighth grader. doesn't seem like long, but i can't imagine my life without the marvelous he.)
he asked me if it made me sad, seeing him graduate and all.
i told him it did, only because i'm envious of him getting the experience.
and the overall diploma, as well.

it can be difficult not having the knowledge or a physical item that says i graduated from high school.
i know i talk so often about this, and that i'm going to buck down and get my GED;
but talk is cheap.
saying you will do something doesn't mean you'll do it.
i was actually going to take the GED test last tuesday; i requested it off and everything.
i was going to make it happen, finally.
but i wasn't given that day off, and so now i must wait a handful of weeks, and hopefully not any longer than that to take the test.

I Just Want To Be Over And Done With It.
i won't go on about this, it's more me talking to myself about it all.

i honestly have a lot more to say.
but it's hard to put into words at this moment;
so i guess i just won't try.
This Week I Will Though.

i apologize for this post,
and it's lack of anything too important.

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