Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Call To Arms. (You're My Only.)

Quizas I Should Blog More Frequently,

but work,
and friends,
and random outings,
and more feelings than i can describe,
and stress,
and ailments,
and allergies,

really take up my time.

I Went To Senor Scott Raines' Missionary Farewell On Sonntag.
may i just say, that was a delight.
i wholeheartedly enjoy scott. i have ever since we had biology together our sophomore year. he made me laugh. he was weird in the best way possible. he recommended random music to me.
we've mostly interacted via sometimes awkward but mostly nonsensical facebook posts for the past few years, but it was still nice going to his farewell.
and then hanging out with courtney and lexi afterwards, which jennifer and i have been doing quite often, as of late.
which is muy bueno. :)

and cy has just been stressed very much.
graduation is a week from thursday; eight freaking days.
and he still has a lot to do,
like i told him;
"when push comes to shove, you always shove right back. that's what she said. irrelevant."
I Know He'll Make It. :)
he's a wise and intelligent soul.
and i can't be more proud of him for making it this far. :)
and am so happy to have been friends with him since he was just a young eighth grader who thought i was funny, but weird.

oh, sidenote,
you know what fetching aggravates me?
that some people in my home ward practically hate him for "what he did to them".
when he didn't even really do anything.
he dated three girls in the ward. big whoop.
he was younger, more naive.
give the kid a break and get over it.

it's sad to see a ward that made you believe that it was the best ward in the whole world, but is now showing some nasty true colors.
and in this respect, i'm happy he moved away.
i hate him not living a stone's throw away, but at least he's happier now.
and people can't be poisoned by some of the pernicious people who despise him for no reason.
i'm just angry about it. it's my life.

i should just focus on what he said,
"well you just have to pick up and forget about it like me. it's over and doesn't matter. they don't matter in our life."
and, they don't.
towards the end there i don't think many of them were very fond of me either because of mine and cyler's friendship.

But Whatever.
i don't resent anyone.
i'm just upset over this recent thing.
I'm Mostly Over It.
and it's gone.

a year ago today, which was actually yesterday, was a wonderful day in my life.
i went to ikea with cy and al, took millions of pictures, and saw angels and airwaves with jenn and cy.
It. Was. Mesmerizing.
and such a blissful day, even with the rain.
you can refer to that post about that particaluar night right here.

I Cannot Live, I Can't Breathe, Unless You Do This With Me.

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  1. "when push comes to shove, you always shove right back. that's what she said. irrelevant." new catch phrase? you betcha. you're great.


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