Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hallucinations, Silly Dreams Or Imagination.

What I Need To Say:

1. Angels & Airwaves With Cyler And Jenn Last Night Was One Of The Greatest Experiences Of My Life. I Have No Doubt That It'll Be One Of My Favorite Memories. Their Music Speaks To Us And To Everyone, But To Me It Feels Like They're Singing For Me, Cyler, Jenn And Alex. Their Poetic Words And Crafty Music Is Poetry In Itself. It Was So Magical, And I'll Never Forget How They Made Me Feel. How Being With My Two Best Friends Listening To This Band That Is Such A Huge Part Of Us Made Me Feel. The Music Took Me To An Entirely Different State Of Mind. And Even Though I Was Squashed And Me And Cyler Were Squished Together Trying Not To Lose Jenn Most Of The Night, It Still Felt Like It Was Just Us. All The Sweat, Profanity, Body Odor, Everything Just Didn't Exist. I'm So Grateful For Last Night And How It Made Me And My Friends Feel. AVA Has Always Reminded Me Of Cyler; I Got Him I-Empire For Xmas A Few Years Ago, And They've Always Been Important. And So Last Night I Just Had To Buy Him An AVA Shirt, Because They're His Favorite Band And Mean So Much To Him. Just Walking Down The Street With Our Arms Around Each Other, And Him Thanking Me For Buying That Shirt Meant So Much To Me. (Also, Me, Jenn, And Cy Group Hugging At The End Of The Concert. (: ) But Now They Remind Me Of My Dearest Friends And That Is A Beautiful, Irreplaceable Thing. Our Adventures Intertwine, And Through The Experience Of Last Night, I Have No Doubt That We Will Always Be Friends. We Will Always Be Connected. I Know It Down To My Core. The Entire Experience Was.... Bliss.

2. Jenn And Megan Are Graduating And I'm So Proud. Honestly. I Knew They Could Do It, Even Though They Had Their Doubts And I'm So Happy For Them. I'd Be Happier If I Were Graduating With Them, But I'll Still Be At Graduation Cheering Them On, Nontheless. Good Job, My Friends. I'm So Pleased!

3. The Suns Have Beat The Lakers The Last Two Games. It's 2-2. I'm So Proud Of Phoenix; They've Really Been Putting Up A Fight. I Love Nash, Stoudemire, Dudley, Frye, Dragic, And Lopez. Dang, They're Such A Freaking Good Team And I'm Happy They Won Again Tonight!

4. I Saw Pictures Of A Particular Someone Today. I Realized I'll Never Compare To Her. I'll Never Come Even Close. But I Wouldn't Trade What Me And You Have For Anything, Not Even, If Not Especially That. Alas, It Still Made Me Slightly Sad. She's Your Ideal Everything, And I Get That. I Just Wish She Didn't Hurt You So Much And Continue To Do So Even Today. I'm Almost Certain You'll Get Another Chance With Her, And I Hope It Works Out And That She Has To Try For It. You're Such An Amazing Person And You Deserve What You've Wanted For So Long. You Honestly, Truly, And Sincerely Do. I Just Sometimes Wish I Measured Up To Her And Then Again, I Am So Happy. So, Incredibly, Happy.

5. It's Decision Time, And I'm Scared.

6. Who Else Loathes Allergies?

7. French Bread Pizza Is The Shiznit, And That's All I Have To Say About That.

8. My Sister Megan Sending Me Beautiful Postcards That Say Beautiful Things Mean So Much To Me. They Really Do.

9. I Love Cyler's Dog, Daisy. She Is So Sweet And So Cute. We Have A Bond And I Just Adore Her To Pieces!

10. I Have A New Found Love For Ikea Due To Yesterday When Me, Cy, And Alex Ventured About There For A Lengthy Period Of Time. It Is Oh-So-Swell.

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  1. I love Megan's postcards! It's been years since I received one but I did get a card the other day and it made my heart sore. I miss her. I love you!


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