Wednesday, June 1, 2011

First Train Home, I've Got To Get On It.

the simple joys in life;

riding in a convertible on a bright, sunny day -- hair whipping around your face.
singing the lines, cause sometimes it comes with a shove, when you fall in love, while riding in a truck with your best friend.
a cute young man you work with who on occassion calls you, "mom".
avoiding the dragonlady with great precision with jennifer.
your mother washing your hair.
singing iran so far away with chad, your favorite teacher of all time.
bermuda shorts featuring exciting colors and patterns.
finding things you wrote a long, long time ago, which still hold meaning for you.
water. lots and lots of blissful water.
nostalgic moments with jenn, due to our precise memories.
cyler and i texting each other stories that we make up on the spot.
courtney playing a mickey mouse piano, while riding a rocking horse and whilst wearing a british bobbie cap.
looking at books.

i lead a sincerely blessed life.
i strive to show my gratitude for it, e'ery day.

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