Saturday, May 7, 2011


something borrowed was lovely.
can i express that enough?
i purchased the book on a whim on tuesday afternoon and finished it by wednesday afternoon.
the book i thoroughly enjoyed, yes.
but i could tell from the previews that it'd be very different from the film.
and honestly? i liked a lot of aspects of the film version more than the book.
especially ethan, john krasinski's character.
i loved how they combined the character of helen (i seriously can't think of her name right now.... i honestly don't think it's helen) and ethan.
My Baby, Johnny Burke, Seriously Made That Movie Absolutely Golden.
it was pretty.
full of spring and summer.
just lit wonderfully, and had some swell people in it.
and really, i loved it.
john made me cry.
made me cry rather harder than i'd like to admit.
he's so beautiful and i am absolutely in love with him.
always have been, always will be.
and maybe it should've ended a little differently; but i'll just be bitter about it for a long time. whatevs.

Go See It.
if you don't, whatever.
but you should.
this unicorn definitely, definitely recommends it.

oh, and i went and saw it with jenn and ashley.
yeah, ashley whom i've previously blogged about.
who i was supposed to go to lunch with back in march, but never got to.
truth is, she hasn't changed at all.
and neither have i, really.
i had a very enjoyable evening. truth be told. :)

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