Saturday, May 7, 2011

I'm Not Looking For A Sign, Keep Your Body Next To Mine & Set Me Free.

the last three days have been incredibly pleasant.
i can't complain.
they've been chock-full of people who fill me with joy.
cyler has smothered me "to death" with a pillow.
jennifer has shot random cars with her gun, and screamed for no reason.
ashley has told stories that have nothing to do with anything.
olivia has pinned all my hair up with so many awkward hair clips that i own.
ashley walkertonville has been hit on by teenage boys.
we have searched for timmy tompkins.
taken back-roads.
lied about our whereabouts.
i've seen something borrowed twice.
online shopped more than is reasonable for my bank account.
work has been an absolute pain to be at.
tomorrow is the day to celebrate mothers.

and on an entirely un-related note;
i think i need to let go of my bitterness.
my crassness.
my obsession of my hatred for you.
because it consumes me more than a loathing should.
you shouldn't get to me like this.
there's no reason for it.
the past is the past.
we both did regrettable things; said things we shouldn't.
you were a brat-hole to me, but that didn't give me the right to stoop down to your level and fight with you like a twelve year old for such a long time.
I'm Over It.
i'm done caring about what happened, how you acted around me, and over entirely despising a girl who is four years my junior.
maybe i've reached this conclusion because three of my close friends talk to you; two even hang out with you.
and that's not easy for them when i'm a complete beast about you, all of the time.
so yes, i'll still harbor hard feelings -- because i'm entitled to them.
so long; i don't need those unhappy memories in my life anymore.

and i feel really bad for ditching out on a friend tonight.
especially when they post it all over facebook.
i dislike disappointing people; especially when i really did want to hang out.
other things came up.
but i'll try to make it up to you. :)
take you to justin bieber and buy you yogurt bliss.
(yeah. i'll meander down that path again; just once, though.)

I Missed You Today.
and last night, even.
even though both have been nice and lovely in their ways; that doesn't make me not wish you were there with me.
but, oh well, we had a decent enough week. :)

my throat aches.
thanks, allergies.
i'm so happy that i didn't have them growing up and then when i became an adult i got them.
that's just fine and dandy.
I'm Going To Bed Now.
although i doubt i'll be able to sleep because of how hot it is.
i shall try.

G'night Friends.
i wish you the nicest of nights.

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