Monday, May 2, 2011

Positively Medieval.

today i purchased a maine shirt.
this is the shirt;granted, i'm not too fond of t-shirts and can rarely be found wearing one;
i figured that a shirt with a unicorn that promotes one o' of my favorite bands should definitely be in my possession.
i also purchased a tote bag, which i also purchased from
it was a decent price, and has daisies on it with the bands name.
that's my only justification.
i also purchased beethoven's symphony number 7, from the king's speech.
because the 'rents and i watched it together this evening.
although i did keep falling asleep,
one, because i'm feeling very ill.
two, i've already watched it twice today.
i love classical music; seriously.
always have, always will.
i think this stemmed from playing the violin for like, five years.
i wish i hadn't given it up; because i could've been fairly decent.
i still love the instrument, but poor svarnik just sleeps under my bed 24/7.
and he has since ninth grade.

i would yammer on and on about other things that occurred today, like cy cy wearing his rad blue wife beater and cleaning kira and baxter, and my sister making fried food,

but i need sleep. i feel rather wretched. and sleep would do me and my body and soul good.

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