Sunday, April 24, 2011

various thoughts, indeed.

i got to hear m. russell ballard talk today, in person, if you must know.
they've created a new stake, it's a young single adults stake, and american fork, lehi, saratoga springs and eagle mountain YSA wards all make up this stake.
i like the stake president, already. he seems to be like a nifty and spiritual man.
it's strange to have stake conference on easter sunday, but nothing made me happier than being in the american fork tabernacle today.
i sincerely love the building.
the architecture of it all.
the open windows in which the wind billows through.
the patterns on the ceiling that look like millions of inter-connected ripples on a pond.
and just the general feel that that place gives me.
i quite enjoy it. because i hadn't been there in almost three years.
the last time was for a BYU thing. it was the night of a lehi football game. i told cyler that i could tell he liked megan tregaskis. i spent the night at mckaylie's house, and in the middle of the night we sticky noted cam's truck, which is now cy's, with messages to he and cyler. then the next day i discovered that cyler and taylor were going out.
such a weird time of everyone's life, let me just tell you.

today i saw people i hadn't since probably seventh grade, or even sixth, to be honest.
i saw a girl that i was not particularly fond of in elementary school; she was a brat.
and i saw other random beings that i knew from a past time.
it's odd how i have such a good memory.
i'm not attempting to gloat, or brag, but it amazes me that i still remember names of people i wasn't even friends with. merely acquaintances, or some who weren't any of those things at all.
i'm grateful for my capacity to remember things, as random as those things may be.

i cannot wait until something borrowed comes out.
three words: john. burke. krasinski.
he looks fantastic in it.

oh, the royal wedding is this week.
did i mention that, yet?
i didn't think so.
i haven't received my ring yet; well, the replacement one because they sent me the wrong size.
i need to make a list of supplies for my tea party, and i must make sure to DVR all the coverage.
needless to say, i'm so entirely stoked. :)
i'm going to re-watch the lifetime movie: william & kate tonight. because, in all honesty, i love it. and the man who plays wills is so very attractive. :)

i'm listening to last christmas by ashley tisdale.
i'm not particularly fond of her, but i love that song.
regardless of who covers it.
so i listen to xmas music all the year 'round. whate'er. whate'er.

i really want to buy the king's speech. next paycheck? you bet.

we're on night three of being home alone,
i now have a system.
a system of lights that i keep on and turn off at various times of the day.
also, i lock my garage and the door leading the garage.
i'm paranoid as skittles, good people.
i could never live in a house with a lot of windows; because windows freak me out, to be honest.

so, on friday, i may or may not have met megan abel.
at the mall, nonetheless.
at least, i'm pretty sure i met her.
now that i think about it, it's all a big blur.
it's the hazy blur that occurs when you meet someone famous or someone you've always wanted to meet.
maybe that's weird?
but meeting her was not weird.
i ventured to the mall after dropping off easter bags for the kids at the family treatment center.
i'd popped by victoria's secret for some perfume, and when i ran into her, i'd just left papaya.
yeah. we hugged. no big deal.
and she's extremely nice, and it was pretty fetching rad meeting her!
the fact that i'm posting this just shows how much of a weirdo i am, but i look up to her. and i can't help the fact that i love her blog.
jennifer didn't believe when i texted her after it occurred.
but whatevs. it just was something that made my friday that much more lovely. :)

this post is all o'er the place. it's lack of organization pains me. but i haven't had much of a flowing thought process as of late. so, mostly, it's just rambling.

i haven't really felt myself for the past little while.
maybe it's something in the air, or something that's on the horizon.
but i just haven't felt like me, in small ways.
which is saddening.
i'm tired of this odd mood i've been in.
hopefully it soon shall deteriorate. :)

well, i'm off.
i'm going to finish carlos st. cloud.
zac efron in that is like buttttta.

Really. This Post Was Mostly For My Own Good.
just needing to write or say certain things.
i hope all your easter's were what you dreamed they'd be.
mine was nice. :)

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  1. one of my greatest friends is in that singles stake & said that it was so lovely to hear m. russell ballard speak.

    also, i felt so great when i saw you & didn't even question who you were. that's when you know blogging does great things. you are so lovely. let's play soon.


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