Monday, April 25, 2011

This Is It, Can You Hear Me?

this kid has been texting me sporadically since yesterday.
he thought i was some ex-girlfriend of his, which, i am not.
because i know of no one with his name.
things i know about him?
he loves to scuba dive.
he lives in indiana.
he's a member of a fraternity.
he's twenty.

so, two of the four i learned from him.
the others?
well, my brother in law and i typed in his number on google and his facebook came up.
and jennifer googled his area code and discovered he lives in indiana.
(his facebook confirmed this, fyi. haha.)

yeah. our generation is strange.
the fact that a stranger can accidentally text us, and then we can quickly find their facebook, based off of their phone number and first name.
he's saved in my phone as; random person i don't know. doo da.
and yesterday he told me that it might be random, but if i ever want someone to talk to randomly, i could talk to him.
i told him vice versa.
he seems nice enough.
but all he knows is my age, my first name and that i'm a unicorn.
(i really don't think we have the same sense of humor....)

please don't stalk me, sir. that would be very uncool of you.
so, for now, i think i'll just make up things about me.
take for example, my occupation.
i'm going to tell him that i work in a flower shop.
cute, and innocent enough.
plus, i've always wanted to do that.
and is it wrong to lie to someone you do not know?
hmmm, perhaps a little, because lying is wrong, period, but still.

i'm entitled to be mysterious.

I Have A Terrible Cough.
thankfully, riley, the dear kid he is covered my shift today.
i didn't feel like coughing on people's groceries, erm, i mean, flowers. yeah. ha. ;)

so, on wednesday, jennifer and i are venturing to the small town of ephraim.
my friend of whom i had to ditch when i unexpectedly went to las vegas in march told me i should come and visit before school got out.
so, that's the plan. :)
visiting the village with one stop light.
i better have cellular coverage when i'm there, this time. or i shall be upset. and probably never ever return.

Tonight, Angels & Airwaves, All Time Low & The Maine Call To Me.
hello, spring.


  1. what if i'm having second thoughts of going? because of that dream i had in which the town is destroyed in a freak meteor shower... and ashley dies and i laugh and then the townspeople come after us? :(

  2. dude. i need to go to ephraim soon. i left my swim tops there. 6 of them.


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