Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Summer Staples Giveaway, Courtesy Of Thee Megan Abel.

i long to win a certain giveaway,
and if i don't,
which i'm pretty sure i won't because i'm not nifty enough to,
i'll be quite saddened, but i'm still going to enter to win, happily. :)

Oh, Also, If I Don't Win This, I'll Just Go And Buy Some Of These Things,
they really won't mean as much as they would coming from miss megan abel. :(

a girl can dream that she'll win these nifty gifties;
take a gander for yourself at this summer staples giveaway which is being dished out, ever so lovingly, by meg.

Even If You Don't Enter,
go and snoop around her blog.
(snoop isn't the correct word, i'd say, investigate? or indulge yourself.)
because the lady is a beaut', and she's as genuine as people come.
(i'm even friends with her on facebook, and yet we've never, in person, come in contact.... yet. haha.)
Her Words Can Change Your Day Around,
and definitely just give you a better perspective on life.
i'm happy to have been following her since last fall.
what a wise choice this was! :)

This Giveaway Excites Me, that i won't deny.
(those starbursts are my fetching favorite.)

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