Monday, April 11, 2011

If I Am A Clock, Then You Are The Time.

A Rocket To The Moon.

not literally a rocket, although the music transports you to a land full of dreams, wishes, and unsaid thoughts.

Nick Santino's Incredible.
that was only reitterated this evening.

Five O' My Favorite Concert Moments (From This Evening.);

jennifer and i hoisting cyler up into the air, helping him to crowd surf. he then made it to the stage. danced and jumped around like a crazy [awesome] person with the band anarbor, and then he dove right back into the crowd. (he landed on the lamerhoe. hahahahaha. too good.)

putting gum in the lamerhoe's hair. yeah, i know that's ridiculously mean; but that girl is a wench. and she deserved it. but don't feel too bad about what i did, she quickly realized it was in her hair and got it out [tragically].

singing some of my favorite arttm songs with jenn and cy -- not a second to waste, if only they knew and dakota. (i feel like i'm missing something.... oh well.)

rocking fake mustaches like champs.

during an interval when the next band was preparing to play, livin' on a prayer came on and the three of us created a chorus of people belting that song out at the top of our lungs. it was pretty awesome, not going to lie.

S'yeah. That Was My Evening.
it was an entirely enjoyable day, and i am happy it all occurred. :)

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