Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Portions For Foxes.

i may or may not have spent the majority of my wednesday evening watching hoarders; buried alive & the office while coloring in my brand spanking new coloring book.

My Coloring Book Is Called "The Indie Rock Coloring Book".
you color pictures whose themes come from various indie groups like the shins, stars, iron & wine, noah and the whale, the new pornographers, rilo kiley, broken social scene, bloc party, the yeah yeah yeahs and many others.

it is awesome.

i've colored the andrew bird picture, and part of the shins.
(i found the young pilgrim, ha.)

today i must give "props" to my mother.
she's so good to me.
she bought me aforementioned coloring book because i'm broke until friday.
and she bought me a hey jude music box thing-a-ma-jig.
She Also Accompanied Me To The Hare Krishna Lotus Temple.
i'm pretty sure she loved it.
i purchased chalk for the festival of colors, which is on the same day as international tom hanks day.
(Saturday Just Will Be A Delight.)

and my mother told me that as a teenager she went to so many different churches.
catholic churches.
holy rollers.
jehovah witnesses.
and even dealt with the whole krishna thing as well.
she payed $75 to get her own mantra, that was her own personal prayer.
she studied all these religions and tried to hard to make them fit with her, but they never stuck with her -- it just never clicked.
that is, until she found the LDS church.

I Just Thought That Was Rather Neat-O,
because i never really knew that.
she had her own joseph smith experience.

I Love My Mother Lots, And Am Grateful For Her And The Example She Is.
and i honestly wouldn't be me, and wouldn't be the complete freak that i am without her and her influence.
although, i will always hate quilt and fabric shops because of her.
(but i s'pose that's whate'er.)

Today I'm Grateful For Family,
For Friends,
For Music,
For Feet,
For Spring,
For Tissues,
For Coloring Books,
For Carl Bloch's Paintings,
and for dropping acid with the beatles.
(that last one's a joke.... ihhh, slightly.)

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