Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'll Be There For You.

is it weird to get butterflies just by finding someone so ridiculously attractive (and numerous other things as well, but let's disregard that at the moment.)?

To Be Honest,
that happens to me really very often.

and it happened more than i'd like to admit today as well.

oh, and i saw jon bon jovi in concert tonight.
Which Was Better Than I Expected, Because I Know Like Four Bon Jovi Songs.
but it was pretty awesome, actually.
and i sure do have some hilarious and rad best friends/fellow wolves. :)

also, i spent far too much money at the mall today, on practically nothing.
just lots of earrings, a necklace that's a mini-hourglass, and perfume.
It Was A Nice Day Off, Generally.

you're electric, i can't get over it.

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  1. oh don't fret. i get the shakes whenever i see attractive men. example: one time an oh-so attractive young man gave me a hug, he smelled like heaven, and i honestly, truth be told, fell over my knees where shaking together so badly.


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