Monday, March 21, 2011

I Come Alive In The Night Time.

sometimes i just want someone for my own,

some fantastic young man whose back i could tickle whenever i pleased.
whom i could lean my head on just because.
who wanted to talk to me 24/7, because without that, he'd just feel awful.

These Are Empty Wishes.
i'm lucky enough to be in love with my best friend.
and i wouldn't change our friendship for absolutely anything.

I'm Past That Point Where I Secretly Hoped We'd Get Married.
it's not going to happen; i'm not bitter or really too sad about it.
i know i can gladly deal with it, thanks to his swell girlfriend E. :)

you can be in love with someone and still be realistic about the outcome, right?
Because That's How I Feel.

maybe i just wish a handsome man would fancy me in particular.
Doesn't Matter Who;
well, it does,
because he better be tall and lanky with blonde hair at least, ha. :)

it's late, and i'm egregiously tired, so i'm not sure what i'm saying, nor does it really make sense.
at least my best friend is super ridiculously attractive.
truly; he is a cutie and a half.
this doesn't have much to do with anything, i just thought he was extra cute today for some reason.

I'm Not Meaning For This To Sound Like A Cry Of Desperation Or Even Sound Like I'm Whining.
i'm happy with my life; i'm happy with how things have gone for me thus far.
and i know i have a bright future in many lots in life.
hopefully including finding my heart's duet.
(great. now i want to watch enchanted.)
i don't even want a boyfriend, or a husband, DEFINITELY not a husband. yikes.
But Just Someone Beyond My Swell Best Friend Who Even Has A Remote Interest In Me, Beyond Friendship?

Hahaha, Sometimes I Say Crazy Things.


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  1. i love this. i love you, let's be real. that guy is out there waiting for you. he'll come when you least expect it. and that's a promise!


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