Sunday, March 20, 2011

You Still Have Language.

words of,

i love you, you're my best friend, i've been thinking about it a lot lately, i hope you have fun, things have just been different, try for five to ten items, she's an immoral whore, i remember that one time, i still have that text, you're a pal, i will always hate her, this calls for an appreciation hug, you need to make a plan, you smell so good -- it's paris, i can't; i'm seeing bon jovi that night, would she wink as well, what happened, i can feel you talking, will you go work on the lot, didn't you guys come here yesterday too, happy day of birth, i should've known, who's rebecca black, your voice is giving me shingles, that sounds spectacular, i wouldn't touch that blanket if i were you, sweet sixteen, timmy; it's timmy -- he's the little lamb with a lot to learn, what's something that happened that made you stop and realize why i am the way that i am, fried egg fried egg, is he okay, you know why, i hate seeing you get treated like that, i don't like people in my room when it's messy, i told my parents i saw a deer,

and many others, made up my up and down week.
Great Ups, pretty neutral downs.
i did love thursday, though. quite completely.


  1. i feel like that last one was unnecessary.

  2. "fried egg fried egg"

    I laughed.



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