Thursday, March 24, 2011

Clifford The Big Red Suburban.

we the kings reminds me of sophomore year, when things weren't very complicated.
when me and jenn were just beginning to become really good friends.
when i started talking to ashley because we had three classes together.
(even though jenn told me i shouldn't because she didn't like ashley.)
when i didn't have a cellular device, but desperately longed for one.
when i was beginning to become really good friends with cy.
when i was best friends with tugboat and max.
when i first skipped english while my parents were back east.
when i walked into that pole head on during a fire drill.
when me, valerie, shaylie and ashley would sit in the back room in biology and cheat on the test together and listen to we the kings.

Sophomore Year Feels Like It Was So Long Ago.
it was an alright year,
and important because it helped me develop two of the greatest friendships i now have.
but junior year was my absolute favorite; and always shall be.
and senior year wasn't too shabby either, in some ways. ha.

hey hey hey, my head is spinning cause of you. hey hey hey hey hey, you've no clue what you do.

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