Thursday, March 24, 2011

Like A Rainbow Above You.

hi, my name's amelia.
i have many aliases or nicknames. millie, grandma, unicorn, dragonbeard, hippie grandmother, dance magic dance. you may call me anything you'd like, except for shirley. unless you're attempting to compliment me by calling me shirley mcclaine.
i just-so-happen to like pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain. i'm not flexible enough for yoga; and having half a brain is debatable. one day i'll sing that song at a karaoke night.
falling asleep to the sound of the ocean is one of my favorite things in the entire world.
i have collagen lips. katelan brown was one of the first people to notify me of this.
i brush my teeth in the shower.
i never go to bed before midnight, or twelve thirty for that matter. it doesn't even matter if i work at seven in the morning. my body is warped.
i used to stay up until past one in the morning just reading. i read the first four harry potter books in a week when i was in fourth grade.
i'm passionate about art, music, fruit bouquets, college basketball, and sexy hands.
i think beards are lovely. but i would never want to be with someone who had a beard.... mmmm, maybe.
i'm entirely in love with john burke krasinski. (he plays james halpert on the office.) we've been going strong for six years, and we'll make it! (in my mind....)
i have splendid best friends. they make me who i am. they make me better people every day. and no one makes me laugh more than them.
sometimes i wear my tops too low, and make myself look like a hussy.
my job? well, i'm a bagger. it's really not great. i know what you buy. creepy, huh?
nail polish stays on my fingers two days average before i take it off and re-paint them.
i know every line of while you were sleeping, you've got mail, and sleepless in seattle.
"oooh, i should've got a blue spruce, they're lighter!"
i'm weird. this is the first step; admittance.
also, i'm OCD in very weird ways. (and a hoarder. but not hoarders; buried alive bad.)
i'm like a kaleidoscope, you can see me in many different ways. but i'm merely one person, made up of many angles.
i celebrate hannukah; i have a menorah on top of my TV in my bedroom.
my favorite commercial/infomercial ever? the magic bullet. i've seen it dozens of times.
i hope that my future husband will read me to sleep.
i like boys with strong convictions, need i say more?
sometimes i listen to country. yeah.
i go to the singles ward. perhaps i'm out of my element, but i love it there.
hopefully one day i'll sing as beautifully as adele -- a girl can dream.
the philadelphia story and to kill a mockingbird can always put me in a good mood. as can the office, any moment of any day.
cyler jacob. don't need to say anything more. the man is a legend. and i love him whole-heartedly.
i love crooners. nat king cole, dean martin, frank sinatra, harry connick jr., michael buble, josh groban; you name it.

I Really Am The Last Living Unicorn.
i have glitter in my veins.

and i'll be loyal to you forever and always.


leave here your rhymes and reasons, ladies and gents.