Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bright Light City Gonna Set My Soul, Gonna Set My Soul On Fire.

let's just say that my weekend didn't go as i had planned.
but i am rather happy with the results. :)

The Friday Lunch Didn't Occur.
here is why;

it was wednesday afternoon. jennifer had brought me lemonade and a toblerone because i was still feeling ill; my voice was still non-existent. out of the blue, my phone rings -- it's my brother. he asks;
"so, you going to come to vegas with me to see the mountain west tournament?"
i replied with an, "are you actual going?"
to which he said; "well, i want to. but i don't know if i'll go if you don't come."
i told him i needed an hour to think about it.
less than fifteen minutes later, he called again.

So, On A Whim, I Agreed.
we headed to payson and stayed the night at his house and left at five in the morning for viva las vegas.
me, jamie, lindsey, and my baby khlo.

We Stayed At The MGM Grand.
Jamie Became Obsessed With Electronic Blackjack.
I Saw Baby Lion Cubs!
Inhaled Far Too Much Cigarette Smoke.
Got Some Color On My Face.
Witnessed Jimmer's Magical 52 Point Game In Person.
Saw My Baby, Jackson Emery, Play In Person For The Very Last Time. :(
Almost Got Shanked.
Wandered The Dirty Streets.
and just had a really good time in some beautiful weather.

it was nice getting away for three days; i believe i needed it.
but my lack of cellular service was a tad aggravating, and made it so i hardly spoke to my friends.
so it was nice to return home to rainy utah and celebrate our wolfpackaversary with a glorious fire. :)
i got cy a shirt that says; one man wolf pack. and it includes images of a wolf howling at the moon and zach galfianakis. he hugged me after i gave it to him.

And Today Was Surprisingly Good.
i worked for most of the day; and a bit with cy cy. :)
and tonight i hung out with jennifer, olivia, ashley and alexander.

It's Nice Catching Up With Old Friends.
and i'm very grateful for the best friends i have now.
i wouldn't change or trade them for even a smooch with john krasinski.
(mmmm, maybe.)

i hope all of your weekends were golden.
full of glimmer and glitter and sugar and salt.

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