Monday, March 14, 2011

The Disease.

there is something i must mention.
something that's been racking my brain for the past week or two.
i s'pose you'd call it a "pet peeve" of mine.
but really, it's just straight-up annoying.

We All At One Point Or Another In Our Adolescent Years Get Upset When A Band, Movie, Book, Or Hunk O' Burning Love Becomes Popular.
we're not exactly unhappy for the popularity of this thing we believes makes up a part of who we are;
we're unhappy because everyone on this planet seems to love it too all of a sudden.
I'd Say It's A Disease.
we'll call it, the "i loved that band/book/movie/person before you did" syndrome.
I.L.T.B./B./M./P.B.Y.D.S. for short.

i'll be first to admit i've had moments of suffering due to this syndrome.
the first time i heard owl city on the radio, i was all; "why is the radio station playing owl city? how did they even find them?"
and i'll be honest, i hated fireflies and the hoot hoot city mania that occurred.
because folks,
i'd discovered them a year and a half before fireflies was played across the airwaves.
and i stopped listening to them for a quite a while because i just couldn't stand all the teenagers obsessed with hoot hoot city.
(but i've come to grips with it all and still listen to them on occassion. heck, i even saw them in concert.)

i use this example because it's the best one i have; haha.

But Seriously.
Just Because You Started Liking A Band "Before The Rest Of The Human Population", Doesn't Mean You Need To Throw A Tissy Fit.
it just makes me want to stab someone in the face with a letter opener.
(mildly harsh; bear with me.)

just because i started watching the office when it first aired in 2005 doesn't entitle me to go all I.L.T.B./B./M./P.B.Y.D. on you.
it's awesome; i'm happy for its fame.

and so what, a music video by the maine was on MTV last summer.
they got more fans because of that; good for them! they deserve it due to all their hard work. that amazing music deserves to be heard.

We Don't Own What People Create.
sure, we can claim them in our own ways,
but don't even act like you made the things that all of a sudden become popular.

Did You Write All The Pages Of That Book?
Are You The Parents Of That Fine Looking Specimen You're Obsessed With?
Did You Spend Hours In A Recording Studio Creating That Music You Can't Get Enough Of?
Were You Up For Hours On End Editing And Filming That New Hit Movie?

the answer simply is, nyet. no. nein. nopers.

I Still Remember When Pocahontas Came Out,
does that mean i was mad when indian style clothing and accessories became popular, or did i create a strike when they came out with that movie "the new world"?

i did not.
it doesn't matter if something you feel is an integral part of who you are becomes the momentary sensation.

Stop Acting Like You Have This Prior Claim To It.

take a walk and drink some snapple. you'll feel better.

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  1. BOOM! thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou.
    you said it better than i ever could it.
    and i hope you know who sees this.


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