Tuesday, February 8, 2011

These Walls.

i'm so lucky to have the friends that i have.
i'm not lucky,
i'm incredibly blessed.

the fact that cyler would come and jumpstart my wretched car at work when he was comfortable at home and is coming down with strep, means so much.
and on top of that, he got me a cane!

a cane.
i can now do tap numbers all thee time, wherever i just-so-happen to be. :)
(i plan on bedazzling it. or coating in in glitter. probably both.)
(also, if i begin tap dancing at random, don't be anywhere near me. i don't know how to actually tap dance, but i wing it.)

also, cy and i are starting a new thing together.
Every Night We're Going To Talk On The Phone And Read A Chapter From The Scriptures.
tonight we read about ammon. :)
in the margin of the chapter we read, it says;
Be Nice To Ammon Or He'll Chop Your Arms Off. :)

but really, cyler just made my day in multiple ways.
and i'm grateful for jennifer sticking up for me and trying to get me an extra break. :)
(even if i didn't actually get that break. i appreciate her trying.)

i'm off to bed because i'm working at eight in the morning; so i need to catch some z's.

G'night Vast Interweb.
sleep tight, don't let the bed-dwights bite. they'll replace your toes with beets.


  1. i appreciate you taking my shift so i could go to institute and hear about more weirdos getting engaged... i mean learn about the book of mormon. :)

  2. A cane?

    Major jealousy over here.



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