Friday, February 11, 2011

"Your Face Smells Like Peppermint."

on my mind;

i could never live in ephraim due to the fact that my cellular device gets basically zero service.
(but that doesn't exactly deter me from going there ever again.)
i wish jim and pamela halpert actually existed.
(seventeen times a day at least. this number is entirely realistic.)
tumblr frustrates me. i can't explain it.
(all i do is reblog photos of the office; mostly of johnny burke.)
i hope cy cy feels better soon.
(he has an infection in his throat; i brought him a twelve pack of mello yellow and a bag of popsicles today. i feel bad for the poor dear.)
perhaps i wouldn't be so tired if i didn't hit the hay hay hay so late at night.
(but i almost always wake up at nine thirty every morning anyways.)
i wish i were molly mahoney from mr. magorium's wonder emporium.
(as cute as natalie portman. piano playing abilities. managing a magical toy store. gawking at jason bateman. it'd be whatever. but incredible whatever.)
i have zero plans involving anything valentine's day. it basically won't exist.
(but i'm in the mood to create a romantic dinner for some couple. it's weird. i just think it'd be such a swell time. think parent trap; when lindsey lohan and her alcoholic twin set up a dinner for their parents.)
i need a book; something out of the ordinary to read.
(i need out of the normal realm of living. even if it be just for a little while.)
ace of cakes is ending. :(
(how am i to go about looking at adorable geoff when the show will no longer exist? reruns aren't enough.)
joel mchale. i'd do many weird things just to hug your tall and lanky frame.
(the same offer goes to you, my love, jkras.)
me and jenn are like troy and abed on community.
(i'm troy. black and fantastic and slightly off-color. jenn's abed; a weird brown color and incredibly awkward -- but loveable.)
i think it's serendipitious that i love emily blunt, john krasinki's wife, so much and i love cy's girlfriend erika a lot too.
(i normally hate all of cy's girlfriends, and the same goes for girls that jkras has been with. that means YOU rashida jones. pssshaw.)
who wants valentine's cupcakes? i'll make you some if you ask me to. :)

This Post Is Over.
danke dir, for letting me take up a couple o' minutes o' your time.

oh, final thought;
i hate justin bieber. pardon, justineeee bieber. he's basically a girl. don't diss on me hating the beaver. it's just my feelings.


  1. I have a list of 100 books recommended by to read before you graduate and I've only read like 20 of them if you're interested in suggestions. Otherwise I suggest the Ruby Oliver series by E. Lockhart or The Walking Chaos Series by Patrick Ness. The first is hilarious. The second is about war and is engrossing.

  2. this post made me smile. especially the part about jenn's weird brown color. LOL. but when did you turn black?... ha ha. (:


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