Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Mother Is Watching Teen Mom.

long day.
such a long day.
i worked my first three thirty to midnight; which wasn't that bad, except for the other baggers i worked with are complete idiots and did nothing.
and, surprise, my car didn't start after work.
it resulted with me sitting in ronda's car and small-talking for ten minutes, until t-bill and her hubby came and attempted to jump start it.
ten minutes later, voila, the car finally started.
people shop too much.
want to know the things i bagged the most today?
fruit snacks/fruit roll ups, cheerios, trix, lucky charms, gluten free chex, reese's puffs, chunky soup, hefty bags and gatorade/powerade.
I Hate You, Daytona Sale.
i shouldn't complain; at least it's a job. i'm lucky in that right.
and thankfully t was there to keep me company.
and made me laugh too hard when caralynn was yelling "emily" at me, thinking that's my name.
it's whatever.
and jennifer bought me a freaking vanity fair. thanks a heap, jennipferd. you're a swell friend. :)
and cy left me a voicemail of him reading the shortest chapter in the doctrine and covenants, so that was pretty great. :)

Tomorrow I'm Spending Time With My Parents.
we're going to the cheap theater and seeing the voyage of the dawn treader, and hopefully eating at the OG.
and i get to sleep in to my heart's content.
and i very well plan on straightening my hair. :)

I Say "And" Too Much.
i blame it on the song i'm on a boat.
("aaaaaaaaannnnddddddd.... t-pain.")
perhaps i should create more proper sentences.
it doesn't matter much to me at the moment.

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