Monday, February 21, 2011

I Was The Storm Before The Calm, the hopeless hanging on.

Maine Music Monday,
will make a comeback.
(in my life, that is.)

i love them year-round, but listen to them the most in the spring and summer.
i'm feeling you, are you feeling me?


  1. this is a picture from maine tshirt tuesday. you failed.

  2. it doesn't matta!
    the point was just saying that maine music monday is on the return.
    i just posted the picture of us in our awesome maine shirts.
    regardless of the fact that it was tuesday!

  3. i have your shirt. i like you.

  4. like i needed a reason to love both meg and kaylee even more, but you guys loving the maine made that possible! :)


leave here your rhymes and reasons, ladies and gents.