Wednesday, February 23, 2011


lately i've been having strange dreams.
and rather strange thoughts, as well.

I Feel Like I Need To Let Go Of The Grudges I'm Holding.
stop hating the people that i hate.
stop despising the people i despise.
start talking to old friends and acquaintances.
they say; "it takes guts to be gentle and kind."

I Don't Feel Like I've Been That Gentle And/Or Kind As Of Late.
my dreams are filled with me forgiving people who i quite loathe.
and hoping they'll forgive me for being such a wretch.
Why Am I Having These Thoughts And Dreams?
it's making me feel confused about certain things.

and i don't know if i have the capacity to actually apologize to certain people or talk to them and pretend like everything is normal and i never hated or disliked them.

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