Sunday, February 6, 2011

All Through My Wild Days,

today i am grateful for....

warm blankets and cold fans.
wonderful hair mousse.
the everglow.
working with jennifer.
working with t-bill.
how fast seven hours at work goes by due to the craziness of superbowl sunday shoppers.
blueberry pomegranate fruit bars.
jennifer and i making plans.
my nephews and niece.
sadie, sadie, married lady.
spray that makes me not smell homeless.
my mother's cooking.
shibs sibs.
khloe shnuggling me.
strawberry shortcake.
a text from my best friend that practically made my week.
aforementioned best friend. :)
the glee version of don't cry for me argentina.
warm jackets.
and the fact that i get to sleep in tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. come hell or high water we will see blue valentine this weekend! i promise


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