Friday, February 4, 2011

Sadie, Sadie, Married Lady.

today, i watched a movie which has now become one of my favorite movies.
Funny Girl, with Miss Barbra Streisand.

not too many, but some none-the-least, know of my love for barbara.
her music.
her voice.
her religion.
her nose (not that i desire it for myself).

Ahh, Barbra's Like Butttaaa.
Like A Big Stick Of Butttaaa.

she is truly an icon, and i find her to be pretty freaking awesome.

I'd Only Seen It Up To A Point Until Now.
and really, even though it was mildly depressing at times, i quite loved it.

Oy, She's Just Great In That Movie.
(don't even get me started about yentl. you'll get me all faklemped!)
Her Clothes Are Fantastic In It As Well.
I Wish I Could Pull Of Spiffy Outfits Such As Those.
b'yeah, if you haven't seen it,
See It.
but if you don't like musicals,
then perhaps barbra and omar's love in this movie might turn you off.

(I Typed This Entire Blog Talking Like A Jew Yorker. Yeah, I Said It.)

funny, did ya hear that? funny. yeah, the guy said, "honey you're a funny girl." that's me, i just keep them in stitches, dug out in half. and though i may be all wrong for the guy, i'm good for a laugh.

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  1. what's up doc.
    favorite movie with her in it.
    absolutely splendid(:


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