Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Myday, Yourday, Ourday.

Day Sechts; My Day, My Day, My Day, Talkin' 'Bout My Day, My Day, Ooooh.

(once again, like anyone truly cares.)
it involved being awoken earlier than i'd have liked; but i shouldn't complain.
i did the routine of feeding alex's dog and his fish.
i watched x-men origins: wolverine for the second time in my life.
i babysat tatum for a while.
i made cy-cy lunch and we drank an entire bottle of sparkling cider.
(we used plastic champagne glasses. legitmate.)
i saw the movie desperately seeking susan. don't ask.
i played the games dance central on kinect and rock band.
i saw the movie entitled the last song.
(merely because i read the book on my birthday and was curious. for the record; i hate miley cyrus and i adore liam hemsworth. mmmmm.)
i went with jennifer to alex's to feed jasper and the fishes once more.
we went on an adventure to find this random lit tree that we saw from the road.
which brings me to now.

Wednesdays are Wednesdays.
practically, that is all.

(i've added this picture because i enjoy it. and i miss when we were jesus and the holy ghost. i also miss junior year at lehi.)

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