Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sentimental Heart.

Day Funf; My Definition Of Love.

some are lovers, and some are fighters, but, we all pump the same red blood into our veins.

love is intangible.
it's not a physical thing, although some people think it is.
(usually those of a younger age.)
granted, minor physicality has to do with love.
a hug.
a kiss.
a touch.
a tickle.
a handshake.
a pat on the back.
a piggy back ride.
a good old hard slap on the rear end.

but love, itself, is so much more beyond that.
there's no one clear explanation.
love is patient, love is kind, love means slowly losing your mind.

There Are Different Degrees. There Are Different Kinds.
there's love that is all-encompassing and love that is full of fleeting, minor feelings.

i know what i love.
i know who i love.
i strongly believe in a thing called love.

Love Is Real.
Love Comes From All Sorts Of Places.
Love Warms The Heart.
Love Can Even Break It.

love, to me, is adventures with my very best friends.
love, to me, is cyler and me laughing non-stop for ten minutes over nothing.
love, to me, is making jenn cookies or a quesadilla.
love, to me, is buying harriet salt and vinegar chips.
love, to me, is the atonement.
love, to me, is making my nephews and niece smile.
love, to me, is a new book.
love, to me, is people who are happy to see me at church.
love, to me, is singing without trepadation.
love, to me, is being weird with my siblings.

Love Is A Lot Of Things To Me.

what's love to you?

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