Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This Is A "You May Judge Me If You'd Like", Post.

here's a little known fact;

I'm Obsessed With Prince William And Kate Middleton.i love their relationship.
i have always found him attractive.
they make me want to live in england.

and i suppose there are many other reasons, but i can't think of them at this moment in time.

I've Had This Odd Obsession Since About The Age Of 12 When I Realized I Seriously Dug Those Cute Prince Windsors.
(i've always liked william, but when i was in the eighth grade i had my "i heart gingers" phase, and i liked harry more. but those feelings have faded a tad.)
I've Watched A Lot Of Specials About Them.
William & Kate: A Modern Monarchy.
William & Kate: A Royal Love Story.
i love learning about their long-running off and on romance.

You Should Also Probably Know That I Sincerely Plan On Purchasing This Ring:(it will be mine for $19.90, and includes a certificate of authenticity and a decorative velveteen ring box.)

My Plans For April 29, 2011?
i will be tuning into BBC most of the day just to watch their royal wedding. :)
It's Our Generation's Charles And Diana.
(except prince william is loads better than that bastard charles!)
(and hopefully kate middleton doesn't perish in a freak car accident.)

yeah, i'm weird. but i'm okay with it.

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  1. I have the same obsession with Princess Diana. I haven't been getting in on too much of Kate and William. But I adore you for this post. Obsessions are incredible.


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