Sunday, January 23, 2011

Feliz Cumpleanos! :)

(I Have To Say Yesterday Because It's After One In The Morning.)

so, yesterday was one of my very best friend's birthdays.
Jennifer Turned 19!
i've been going to her birthday celebrations since she was sixteen.
(but i met her when she was 15. if only i'd have gotten to go to her quincenara -- sometimes i still feel sad that we weren't good friends at that point. ]: )

If You Don't Know Jenn,
You Should Get To Know Her.

at first she intimidated me, legitimately.
we had german two together and whenever schwabba the hut would ask for story reccomendations jenn would always suggest stories involving military trained monkeys from canada.
her german name was barbel. (pronounced bare-bul.)
we became obsessed with getting dr. phil to run for president in 2012.
she wanted me to write a letter to oprah to ask her to support him and threatened to kill me if i didn't do so.
("entrails.... tummy.)
we became friends through being annoyed with snorefest 3000 and talking on MSN messenger at entirely random times.
we also became friends through having PE at the same time.
(john g. reid, 1885. "does tiger wood play on the black?")
she became the doctor, i became her assistant.
the summer before tenth grade she promised we'd go see transformers and have a tea party, but that never happened, sadly.
and i left her voicemails while she was at girls camp and pretended i was god when i'd talk to her on the phone.

I'd Like To Thank Taking German From 8th Grade Through 12th In Helping Create Our Friendship.
because it did, in all honesty.
we wrote notes to each other,
i got hot jake to sit by us :),
we'd hang out randomly,
and then we somehow became best friends.

I Couldn't Ask To Assist Anyone Better.
(i legitimately used to write down her schedule for her.)
her family has become my hispanic second family.
her dog still hates me.
we go on random adventures (especially to barnes and noble.)
i make her italian quesadillas and bake her cookie hearts.
her, me, and cyler used to be the captain's crew before we were the wolf pack.
the three of us would go to del taco for lunch every A day and often skip third period and drive to alpine and other random places.

Jennifer Is Incredible.
Read Her Blog.
I Shake Things Up Because I Can.
(she has awesome music taste.)

So, Happy Birthday Yennifer!
i hope your birthday weekend was great,
because you deserved it to be. :)
(and we all had fun, too.)

(ahhh, i adore his face.)

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  1. the only thing i can say on this is, scottie hates everyone. and he just likes to bark at nothing. his name shall be henceforth known as sir barks-alot.
    and secondly i think you're attempting to shamelessly promote me... we'll discuss this later.


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