Monday, January 24, 2011

A Day Beginning With The Letter "M".

there's a song that says, rainy days and mondays always get me down. it's by the carpenters. (who are quite awesome.) and i've always just enjoyed that line for some unknown reason. granted, it doesn't exactly apply to me. i adore rainy days. they just-so-happen to be my favorite, but the mondays thing i can kind of relate with.

mondays are just mondays.
but not too shabby, either.

Today Was Just One Of Those Mondays.
y'know, when i was in this inexplicably bad mood.

i hardly talked to anyone at work.
i didn't hang out with any of my friends.
i ate too many reese eggs.
Plain. Simple. Mild.
there was just an "ihh"-ness to my day.
good things happened, and then aggravating things occurred as well.

but hopefully once i go to bed and get some sleep, my dreams will take me to a place beyond this day.
beyond this week.
beyond this moment.

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